Amity Circle

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We are a Social Events Club attached to the North Central Area of the Masonic Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight, meeting at the King's Court Masonic Centre, Chandler's Ford, Hampshire, UK.
We are comprised of like-minded socialites who, although from different backgrounds, have come together under the umbrella of Freemasonry in order to foster further freindship and perhaps to combat the loneliness and insecurity of being away from dear ones or maybe embarking on retirement. The group has grown in number, as our people got the word out to friends and family so that today, we are so much more than just a friends' group, The Amity Circle is a socially committed organisation of many close knit friends and their families with one mind but many hands….
Philanthropy, Social Activity.
All Lodge Widows, Brethren, their Ladies and close family are invited to join us.

Our Events
Some of What We Get Up To...
Day Excursions
Our day excursions are well worth booking up for covering coach trips, boat trips in fact anything and everything we can get involved in is fair game. Always worthwhile looking at.
Coffee Mornings
Every so often, maybe once a month, we hold what we call a Coffee Morning but it is more a coming together of friends, most often with a guest speaker. Normally held in KCMC, starting at 10:30, lasating for a couple of hours.
Annual Holiday
Normally just as the kids go back to school in September, we toddle off somewhere nice for a weeks holiday. We are picked up by coach and delivered to the venue and we have trips and events arranged most days altough you can just stay around the resort and chill - it's entirely up to you. VFM is auured!
Our Mission
The mission of Amity Circle is to work together for personal, social, economic and cultural growth and prosperity of all.
Amity also engages in charitable activities and social awareness programmes.
Meeting Venue
King's Court Masonic Centre,
Chandlers Ford, Hampshire.
Contact the Secretary:

We have close links with the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Provincial Almoner's Office
We actively promote the wellbeing and welfare of our members.
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